Charges for services & phone calls

Some of our services are inclusive and completely free of charge; others may involve additional costs depending on your choice of plan and how you use the service i.e. international or special rate phone calls, outgoing post and fax charges, a special prestigious virtual address, printed payslips etc. or any use of a particular service which is over and above your inclusive allowance.

As a customer, you are completely in control:-
  • You can check the terms of your chosen plan on your current invoice to find out what is and isn’t included free in your account.
  • Your invoice is updated throughout the business day and shows exactly how much of your free inclusive services you or your employees have already used and how much remains.
  • Existing customers and free trial members can download a full and up-front list of our current plans, inclusive items and charges for all our services from within our billing system.  Please note that some services are POA ('price on asking') as they are tailored specifically to your needs.
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